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The Art of Everyday Magic is an introductory photography and storytelling course for those hoping to capture the beauty of life around them, and for creatives seeking to better define their brand and story. It is a self paced ebook that brings you through the joys of image creation, hand in hand with storytelling and memory keeping – guided every step of the way by easy to understand illustrations, video tutorials and examples.

Each lesson will include a little of the technical and a bit more of the creative—making each learning step as easy as possible. We have also set a practical activities throughout that will encourage you to get out and shoot, alongside exercises to revise your knowledge. It might be tempting to just read it all in one go, however we encourage you to digest each section slowly – taking the time to put in the daily or weekly practice. As its name suggests, we hope that what you take away from this course is both a skillset as well as a mindset that can be applied to your everyday.