A documenter of love and connection through tender narratives for almost two decades.  Seeking to portray the way things feel through all of life's seasons - so you may never forget.

Tealily Photography is led by Sydney-based photographer Trish Chong.

As a Wedding and Portrait photographer, Trish observes her subjects with sensitivity and intuition. She captures the ever-evolving nature of human feeling in a way that is timeless, paying attention to detail, balance and subtle gestures.

Tender expressions of life’s seasons, Trish’s photographs are the ones you’ll come back to time and time again. Studies in impermanence, the wilderness of motherhood, family bonds, romantic love, kinship and home, they offer the chance to relive heart-held memories and reveal a deep appreciation of the present moment.

My approach

"Photography has been the greatest gift. As an art it has connected me with countless couples and families and given me the chance to witness their journeys, capturing gentle moments forever etched upon their hearts and mine. 

My approach is relaxed and organic, striving to document both the details and the tender in-betweens as the session unfolds.  Trust has played a huge part in allowing these moments to present themselves, giving permission for creativity, and the beauty of imperfection in order to capture images that are honest and real.

Above all, my work is driven by emotion and storytelling, by a desire to create reminders of life's deepest beauty, tracing the connections between people and those they love the most. My hope is that when these images are discovered in the decades to come, they will be reminders of loving and being loved, of family, and that irreplaceable feeling of belonging."                 

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Kind Words

Trish deftly captured moments of us as a family of three that are so tender and true, and timeless - it still makes us laugh to see how deliciously round Noah was at seven months. She has an eye for family portraits that is just magic and it was such a pleasure to share the experience with her.


Alice Mahran

Kind Words

As much as I was so tired from the first trimester and packing all our stuff I knew there would never be perfect timing to have my baby bump and family be captured. I am so thankful that I did no matter how I felt. These memories of stopping time will never be taken from us. Thank you Trish for being my honest and talented friend. 


Charlotte EKAS

Kind Words

This time in my life is so special but somehow I never seem to take any photos - the results from our mother/baby shoot do just this and they are beautiful memories to look back on. The relaxed, comfortable atmosphere (even in torrential rain) made the morning so much fun and the photos you produced are so natural. They will be cherished on our mantle piece for years to come.


These are the days to remember.