The McKenzie Family

Sometimes it’s funny how the world is so very connected.  The beautiful Skye is a talented illustrator and recommended one of her own friends to me for wedding photography many moons ago.  In the years that have passed, there have been so many other little avenues here and there which led me to this dreamy session – not in the least that Skye is the best friend of Jessie, the one and only who masterminded this beautiful website.

And so it was that I finally was able to meet Skye and her family, and felt like I had stepped into the pages of an idyllic little tale. I couldn’t stop admiring their little sandstone cottage and her eye for design and detail. Not to mention her little girls who I could probably photograph for days and days.   I had seen that on one of her family adventures they built a little teepee by the water and wondered out loud how far away it was – turns out it was just a 5 minute walk and so I couldn’t resist a little visit.

I hope you love this little family session as much as I do xx

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