Family portraiture

Our approach to family photography is so closely tied to our own story and who we are. When we say we believe in love, we mean it. The joyful and the difficult. The peace yet constant worry it brings. The crazy and the beautiful. The forever kind of love that makes this life worthwhile. If you’re reading this as a parent, you’ll know what we mean. These are the things we want to help you record, this time in life that goes so fast yet means so much.

As much as we seek out golden light, we also endeavor to capture life’s own golden moments – not to paint them out as perfect, but to remember that they are real. We seek to find the beauty in the everyday and a session will often involve asking how early is acceptable to knock on your door. We love the honesty that exists in the moments soon after waking. Bed hair and face creases, sleepy snuggles and tangled limbs against the first morning light, the way he makes you coffee, and the excitement a new day brings especially when pancakes are the first thing the kids see upon the table. We love to document simple joys – an afternoon in the park by a setting sun, giggly bubble baths with too many siblings squashed in, the way she twirls the strands of your hair and snuggles into you for bedtime reading, or the familiar touch of grateful arms wrapped around you when the work of the day is done.

We hope to have succeeded as your photographers that afternoon your adult children ask you what they were like as kids and you dust off your collection of albums and spend hours reminiscing of childhood and parenthood well spent – captured in the way you would want to remember, in a way you could never do yourself. This is the gift we would love to give to you. The gift of your story, recorded for the ages.

If my approach is one that resonates with you, I would love for you to connect with me…let’s start a beautiful conversation.