A Re-beginning


If you have just stumbled across this page, do stay awhile. We hope to share stories of love and life here in the days ahead, and would love for you to be part of our journey.


If you have been part of this decade long adventure, this is for you…

I remember it clearly. The day I decided I wanted to be the ‘girl in jeans’. I was in a suit at the time and it simply wasn’t me. To be honest I don’t think I quite realized all that it would mean in the years that followed.

The last decade has been a whirlwind. A decade of chasing dreams, setting goals, trying to stay focused and disciplined 24/7. The first few years my energy was relentless – making something from nothing, growing this love of mine into something that today I am honestly really proud of – a decade documenting stories of love with a small team of talented souls that feel like family.

Like all things in life, change is necessary – sometimes hard, oftentimes beautiful. From chasing dreams with no strings attached, I somehow became a mum to three crazy, wonderful, spirited kids. At the same time the hum of social media grew louder and louder and with it the idea that you could have it all. To be honest that noise simply made me tired as I struggled to keep up between the duties of home and work life. I felt like I was always a step behind and always chasing the wind. People would often say – How do you do it? And I would reply that I didn’t. I don’t. I’m not sure what I am doing. If there is anything to marvel in this all, it is in the helping hands I get through my husband and my parents – giving of their time and hours of babysitting to allow me stay relevant in this industry. I know too well that not everyone has this luxury, and I am so grateful for their love shown in this way.

Dear reader/friend/follower, thank you for staying the course with me too. Whether you can’t help but heart-eye emoji the images of my kids, or you’re a creative yourself, or someone who hopes for our paths to one day collide through work or in life – thank you for being here and for your faith in this work of our heart.